Screen Printing

What it’s good for:

This method includes making a screen template for each colour and squeezing ink through it on to your garment.  Using a screen template makes the job much faster and therefore really cost effective for large quantities.

The Process

We begin in our darkroom, where we develop your image on to a light sensitive silk screen. The developing solution is washed from the screen and it’s then used to transfer ink on to your clothing.

If you have more than one colour, we make multiple passes with different screens to build the image up.  Your screens are stored for future use, which makes repeat orders really good value for money.

Guide Prices

As a guide, here are the costs for screen printing:


For a one colour print, one screen is required at a setup cost of £20. Designs can feature up to 4 colours. For each additional colour, the screen cost is £10.


Quantity One side only Two sides
Under 15 £2.50 £3.75
15-30 £2.25 £3.35
30-60 £1.95 £2.95
60-100 £1.50 £2.60

Please as 75p for each additional colour.

For orders of 100 units or more, please call Sandra on 01772 601309 for further quantity discounts.



From £1.50



From £2.25

Get a Custom Quote

Let us know your requirements, and we’ll get a quote put together for you.  If you’re unsure which is the best option, give Sandra a call on 01772 601309 or email for some friendly advice.